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From Rushmore to California

img_5765The last few weeks we have been busy! I haven’t been able to post an update to the blog because of limited access to Wifi so I’m getting around to it today from San Francisco!

We have explored a TON of places and gotten to do some very cool hikes. At Yellowstone we explored the geysers and the canyon and spent hours exploring around the lake and checking out the wildlife. We saw buffalo up close, bear from a distance, and lots of tourists. From Yellowstone we drove up north to Glacier national park which has been one of my favorites so far. There we did an 11 mile hike up to Iceberg Lake, which had stunning views and we got to enjoy the beauty of the park. We spent three nights at Glacier and I would still love to spend more time there!

Iceberg Lake

Iceberg Lake

After Glacier we drove west to Washington and made a stop in Leavenworth to break the drive to Seattle in half. We drove out to Olympic National Park and stayed there for a night. While we were there we drove out to the Makah reservation, the most northwest point in Washington state to watch the sun set over the Pacific. We explored Seattle for a night and then continued on to Mt. Rainier, driving through the park’s winding roads and enjoying the beautiful views. We stayed there for one night before heading to see Mount St. Helens where we drove out to the viewpoint close to the mountain and did a small hike up to the top of the nearest hill to get a good view. After St. Helens we drove to Portland and spent a night in a campground there. We checked out the Portland Zoo, and drove through the city before stopping in Waldport, OR for the night.

Sno-Cat Restoration

Sno-Cat Restoration

Our next destination was the Tucker Sno-Cat factory! We stopped in to tour the facility which was definitely worth the stop. Each Tucker is manufactured here starting from the raw steel all the way through to final assembly and paint. A few parts are made by 3rd party companies, but the majority of the parts are created right there in Oregon! After our stop at Tucker we drove up to Crater Lake, which was very cool!

From Crater lake we drove down to California and stayed a few nights in Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. We did a bunch of exploring around the redwoods since this area is absolutely beautiful. From here we adventured out to Lassen Volcanic National Park where we spent some time driving through the park and checking out the stunning views from the mountain pass that divides the park. We got settled at the campground for the night, and it was so nice that I kept the rainfly off of the tent to watch the stars! We did a wicked cool hike up a cinder cone volcano and then hiked down inside to check out the remains of it. This hike was mostly in loose rocks the size of cocoa puffs and sandy terrain so it was very different from what I’m used to hiking – each step would result in sliding back a bit before making progress forward, so it was quite a workout! From the top there’s a large swath of lava remains that can be seen from between two lakes and the snow-covered peak of Lassen completes the photo.


After Lassen we got up wicked early on the 4th and drove to San Francisco where we stayed in a hotel for the night to watch the fireworks. San Francisco put on an absolutely phenomenal show, despite the fog. Getting back to the hotel afterwards was quite the adventure because the trains were so overloaded, but we made it back in one piece!

One month from today until moving to Boston!


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