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Days 1-4

Day 4 of the road trip is drawing to a close and I finally have time to post an update! We are at Mount Rushmore, we arrived this afternoon after spending last night and most of today at Badlands National Park. We spent the afternoon exploring the area and in the morning we’re going over to check out Mount Rushmore up close. Yesterday we drove from just north of Chicago out to Badlands and woke up this morning to do some exploring and hiking! It was very cool, and we even saw some Prairie Dogs along the side of the road as we headed out of the park to go west this afternoon.

On the way from Vermont to Chicago we stopped and spent the night at Niagara falls in the pouring rain, so we didn’t end up going to see the falls until the next morning. However, we arrived sometime around 7AM so the park was empty, which provided a great opportunity to check everything out without the crowds.

From Niagara we drove out to Chicago to visit some friends and stayed the night just north of the city, then woke up Friday and drove from there all the way out to Badlands (roughly 850 miles). While driving through Minnesota we stopped at Niagara Cave, and walked through a mile of tunnels underground to check out this natural cave with an underground waterfall and then further along the route got stuck in one of the biggest thunderstorms I think I’ve ever experienced… even the truckers pulled off to wait it out under the overpasses!


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