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Senior Year

Photo by Steve Mease As I’m finishing up my third day of my final year of college, I can’t help but think back on the last three years and wonder where the time has gone! From the time I arrived at Champlain College in 2012 and went through orientation... read more


As you all know, we’re coming right up on the 4th of July here, and I realized that I haven’t updated my website in almost a year. I’ve had a pretty busy year, and a very busy summer so far, but I still get to relax more than I do during the school... read more

Weekend Adventure

This weekend I got to do some adventuring with the Grandparents since they’re here to visit! Friday started out with a visit to the Winchester Mystery House, the former home of the widow of the President of the Winchester Repeating Arms company, who for 38 years... read more

California – Round 2, Week 2/3

So I forgot to write a post last week about what’s been going on out here in the sunny state of California! Not much to report, it’s been pretty quiet the past few weeks. I’ve been doing my best to enjoy the sun and get some fresh air when I can, I... read more

California – Round 2, Week 1

So I’ve been here for a week now, what a weird feeling to be back here! I arrived last Sunday  night after working from Vermont for two weeks and will be here until the beginning of August. If you wish to send me mail (I actually like letters) drop me an email,... read more


This weekend I got to go up to my family’s camp in Averill, VT with my parents and unplug from technology. We snowmobiled about 200 miles and had gorgeous weather while we were there. I threw together a quick video that I shot with the GoPro,... read more